The new BETA version 0.2 is released!
All tester should have received an eMail, if anyone wants to join testing please let us know!

* Verion BETA (01/10/2015):

  • Limited Draw Mode introduced
    • selection by boxes or spheres
    • ISSUE: boxes and sphere selection doesnt get serialized yet
  • VertexCloud Drawing (you need to disable the MeshRenderer to see it)
  • Fixed Bug: Surfaces with only one triangle now are drawn correclty
  • Option to include/hide unused vertices
  • Introduced Object Oriented Bounding Box
    • ISSUE: doesnt work with scaled objects yet
  • Different culling modes: No Culling, object related culling, global culling
    • ISSUE: some border triangles are not culled correctly
  • Fixed Bug: No nullreference exception when selected object is deleted
  • moved namespace to WeMightAsWell.MeshDebugger
  • added EditorPrefs prefixes to avoid compatibility problems with other extensions
  • ISSUE: some mesh function should be drawn without visibility check
    • for example seams should always show for the whole mesh